Test the DCM based orientation filtering firmware developed by our group on flymaple

Install the Processing IDE and compile the monitor

* download the Processing IDE from (Processing.org/Download [ http://processing.org/download/ ])
* uncompress the package and run processing bash script to activate the Processing IDE
* download the code of orientation filtering monitor from here freesix_cube.pde.tar.gz
* compile code with Processing IDE

Install the SDK for flymaple and compile the orientation filtering code

* install the command line SDK for flymaple following the instruction given (here)
* download the flymaple code from (the default git repository of opendrone [ https://github.com/opendrone/flymaple ])
* compile code with make command in the root directory of the flymaple code

Upload the firmware to flymaple

* connect flymaple to your computer through a micro usb cable
* upload the firmware with make install command in the root directory of the flymaple code
* the reset button of the flymaple should be pressed immediately after you do make install

Test the orientation filtering firmware for flymaple

* set the flymaple on a horizontal surface and press the reset button of flymaple
* open the monitor. You will see a 3 dimension cube having the same posture with flymaple