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A documentary video of Open-drone community has been released. Watch it !


After a shy snow from the gods, we've attended the great introductory talk “developing with Doxigen” from XieYi. We also showed of our newest DTMF robots.


We are discussing our plans for 2013. Please edit the page to tell us your suggestions and ideas!


OpenDrone Community attended the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group's 10th anniversary party, where we showed off our Wi-Fi Cars and Frets On Fire Guitar.

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Older Updates


Development of the Flymaple SDK has started, We have a Debian/Ubuntu package working.

Alternatively you can manually install the environment by following the wiki.


The Beijing GNU/Linux User Group's Coding For Fun event is one of our many bases of operation. It is the perfect place to play around with Linux and ask for help. Come and join if you want to see us coding or just having a relaxing chat. Hacking Arduino and roasting under the sun is also on the menu!

We meet every month to exchange ideas on projects and a lot of other stuff.

This week, we will try Outdustry HQ, a new place located at No.6 Babaokeng Hutong, Dongcheng District (北京东城区八宝坑胡同6号), just south of Guijie. Bring your computers and seatbelts. We will be there from 11 am until late.


After several tests, we've managed to get an idea how to get things working. We are currently focused on porting and mixing all of our test codes to the main branch in GitHub. You can watch our progress and lend us a hand.

We have enabled remote controls and several other features that will be available for later use, and we keep on working on the wiki. There is some nice test code for the Wi-Fi Car and explanations for setting up the router.


Flymaple 1.1 was released. All documents have been upgraded to version 1.1.


Today was the first test of our flight control system. Using a barometric pressure sensor to measure altitude seemed crazy!

Notice the sudden stop of the motors when the OpenDrone think it has landed on the ground? Check out how the motors sound when the auto-balancing system is triggered by forcing it out of balance.

There is a whole lot of work ahead!


OpenDrone Community was mentioned by Global Times in "The Robot Cookbook."


OpenDrone Community received its first mention in a newspaper, the local English paper Beijing Today, in its article "Hobbyist Club Turns Ideas Into Robots."