About the Community

The group

OpenDrone Community was started in November 2011 by members of the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group's Quadcopter group, as well as new members from the local open hardware and embedded Linux communities.

The group was created to focus on open source software and hardware, especially combined FOSS software and hardware. We have built several projects that extend into many different areas of interest.

Our core project remains the Quadcopter: other projects are side projects.

Curious about how we got started, where we meet, or how to join? The answers to these and more are in our FAQ!

OpenDrone in the News

Our project has been covered by the following media outlets:

Date Media Group Headline Reporter
2012/05/30 Global Times "The Robot Cookbook" Vera Penêda
2012/03/30 Beijing Today "Hobbyist Club Turns Ideas Into Robots" (PDF) Derrick Sobodash

Our Core Members

Names Projects Website GitHub
TongHui Quadcopter tonghuix.tk @tonghuix
Bobo Quadcopter
Samuel Wi-Fi Car,Quadcopter, dtmf
barcode Quadcopter
Xieyi Quadcopter @BreadBread
Jose Wi-Fi Car, FoF Guitar, dtmf @joseole
DuWei Branding
Nille iKey
Olivier Catch Coins,Quadcopter @K-Yo