How does hoverboard work

How does hoverboard work

Hoverboard is dual wheeled self-balancing Scooter which is used for travelling is worked by gliding on air. It is generally used by kids and adults also.How does hoverboard work

Hoverboard can be classified into four sub types:

There are many types of hoverboards are available in the market as according to their specification some of them are listed below:

  1. By categories – this includes some Hoverboards like
  • Razor Hovertrax version 2.0: which ranks as best,
  • EPIKGO All terrain scooter: which ranks as safest,
  • Segway miniPRO: which ranks for its long-lasting life,
  • Koo Hoverboard: which ranks as budget friendly.
  • EPIKGO sport plus: ranks for their speed.
  1. By popularity.
  2. With some additional features – it includes Hoverboards with LED lights, with UL 2272 certificate, with additional speakers.
  3. As according tosize of wheel – many Hoverboards are available in different size like 6.5-inch wheels, 8-inch, 10-inch size wheels.

Structure of hoverboard consist of:

Electric hoverboard mainly comprises of different components which are as listed below:

  1. A plastic cover.
  2. Battery pack.
  3. A charging packs.
  4. Two wheels.
  5. Power On/off switch.
  6. A steel made up chassis with central pivot.
  7. Motors (two).
  8. Gyroscope (two).
  9. Co board’s and main boards
  10. Two Sensors (Tilt or speed and infrared)

Working principle of hoverboard:

Hoverboard can be worked on three main principles which are as following:

  1. magnetic fielded and electric current.
  2. It is working on Reversing the polarity of magnets.
  3. Same poles repel magnetic field each other so, repulsion is another principle.

For working Hoverboard uses these technologies:

  1. magnetic levitation and electromagnetic repulsion technology in which the engine basically uses magnets.
  2. Hoverboard work by using different technologies like paleomagnetic, force field air- cushion and electromagnetic technology.
  3. Conjunction of magnetic field with electric current is the key.

Working overview of hoverboard:

You can easily start the ride Hoverboard just by pressing switch which is present on lower side of the Hoverboard.

When you set your feet on pressure pad then only it will start to move. It’s totally depended on how you shift your body weight and sensors are make it and for processing signals send information to the motherboard.

Without losing control you can enjoy ride with great speed by using its smart self-balancing feature. there are many Hoverboard which are working on same principle, some of Hoverboards are omni Hoverboards, some are hendo engines as according their class it is distinguished.

Hoverboard need some upward push opposite to air’s gravitational force. Hendo engines works on principle of electromagnets which produces magnetic fields and current in metallic surface situated under Hoverboard. Then electric current repels the electromagnets of Hoverboard and thus it makes the moves.

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Self-balancing electric scooter’s actual working depends on its components like motors, gyroscope, sensors, pressure pads, battery and control board. though it is looking promising, but even simple hoverboard have complex internal design.

They work well with minimum directions are given and also safe for you and your close ones.