Our Projects


The OpenDrone Quadcopter is our major project. Our design utilizes an ARM Cortext-M3 as its MCU via Flymaple, a custom control board. At the top level is a Linux device (probably a router) used for high-level computing and tasks such as camera control and GPS/IRS navigation.

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Catch Coins

Catch Coins is a project by Olivier with hardware support from Jose. It is a projected intended to learn more about Arduino.

Oliver managed to get it to a working state within a day's work.

The latest source code is available on GitHub.

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This friendly module enables Arduino and similar devices to communicate through sound. This board started with the need or requirement for data communication from arduino enabled or other MCU needed to transfer data in a universal approach with a cellphone. Studied FSK at first option due to its better performance and speed. Due to some hardware issues we decided to try DTMF (8870 chip).

The result was even more universal, allowing all kinds of cellphones to send “commands” over an audio channel. The DTMF signals are a telecommunication standard therefore all phones and beepers and some other devices are capable of producing this signals, even home landline phones.

Commands are all the numbers 0-9, four letters ( A,B,C,D ) and “*”, ”#”.

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Frets on Fire Guitar

Frets On Fire is a popular music game available on several platforms, including Linux and Windows. It is open source and highly addictive.

Our guitar is constructed from a plastic wire cover found in a mall and some scrap parts used for visual effect. Anything will work, as long as you can cut it to a guitar-like shape.

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Passwords can be hard to remember: the iKey can help.

This device, based on the Arduino Leonardo, can store your passwords and help you to enter them whenever it is attached to a computer.

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OpenWrt is a GNU/Linux distribution targeting router-like embedded devices: it is the perfect choice to use as the “brain” of our Wi-Fi Car.

The device we chose is the TP-Link WR703N – a pocket-size router with reasonable price tag. However, you may use any OpenWrt-compatible router with a USB interface to do the job.

The WR703N has only 4MB of flash ROM, meaning you must be very careful with your software selection

Pre-compiled images are available on our downloads page.

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Wi-Fi Car

The Wi-Fi Car is an open source robotic device controlled by a terminal, such as a smartphone, PC, or tablet. It provides a video stream of what the car sees through its camera.

The project combines what we have learned about OpenWrt routers, Arduino, remote control, MJPG streaming and HTML.

The car was featured in a report by Global Times on May 31, 2012 ("The Robot Cookbook").

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