Main Roadmap

System Diagram

This is a simple roadmap intended to give a basic understanding of the project's history for anyone who wants to follow us or contribute.

  • Project established
  • Build Flymaple prototype
  • Motor controls by PWM
  • Read data by I2C
  • PPM module (pulse-position modulation)
  • Manual flight (controlled by RF & remote control)
  • Simple self-balance automation (convert unit sensor values to right unit formats, filtering values, and process values)
  • RF controller (Arduino, a program to control our beloved drone that won't crash it)
  • PC or smartphone sensor control
  • W-Fi gateway, and advanced automation protocols
  • Advanced self-balancing (through some kind of serial interface)
  • Simple Android/iOS or PC controller

Copter Controller Timeline

  • Sensor test
  • Motor control
  • Simple self-balancing
  • Autopilot for takeoff
  • Autopilot for landing

RF Controller Timeline

  • PPM remote control
  • Remote control based on Arduino
  • Remote control combined with motor control
  • Smartphone control App

Wi-Fi Router

  • OpenWrt customization
  • TP-Link WR703N video driver
  • Router control method
  • Combined Wi-Fi router with others' models