Where to buy sweater shaver?

To know about the sweater shaver, it is almost as compare to same like fabric shaver the only difference is fabric shavers are used on fabrics clothing and sweater on woolen clothing.  The shavers contain two main categories of foil and rotary style.Where to buy sweater shaver?

The products matter the countability and consumption power to use any of the shaver the best brands for this shaver to be like Philips, Remington, and Norelco etc which gives a best comfort and a put out the out puts of using it.

Some shaver can be used by water and some by without water. Some shavers are cordless which can be used in water and some have cords but that cannot be used in water Some shaves can be charged by cord and some can be charged by direct USB cords.

Mostly shaver is made by oscillating particles. This type of shaversisused for removing lint, fuzz and tiny cloth hairs and gives a new fresh look to the fabric.To make it understand better we can take a ex.

Anwenk sweater shaver


  • It is having a super long cord of 92” which can be easily connected without any extensions.
  • It is like USB type which has constant power and safe use compare with most ac adapter.
  • Corded sweater shaver gives strong power and it is stable.
  • It has larger lint catcher and large shaving head.
  • It is having comfortable hand griping and makes it more convenient to have a proper use of it.
  • It contains shaver head which cuts off the direct contact of clothes and blades so that the cloth doesn’t cut off.

Now due to feature here one question arises

Can be sweater shaver work in 220V?

As it is an USB type sweater shaver. It is completely depending on the how much time you keep it on working process and also it depends upon the working voltage and a USB adapter. Razor Guides best razor for men

Doesn’t matter whether it is 110V or 220V the USB reduces the voltage and allow the sweater shaver to work in a proper manner in safe electric circuit as well as voltage.

Point to remember

Sweater shaver cannot be used on jeans, silk, lace, embroidery clothing type. Do not run the shaver head on the decorated materials.


It is specified by the power of USB. It has a cord of 92”. The dimension isapprox.5 x 2.4 x 6 inches. you can get sweater shaver in two color white and blue.

Package includes.

It contains

  • Anwenk sweater shaver
  • A tiny blade cleaner.

Where you can get the sweater shaver?

You can buy sweater shaverany where all over like malls, electric shops and also in mini electric malls.

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To end up the part of conclusion that is shavers always give a best part to make a better use and there are many kinds of as well as many types of shavers. Use and consumption depends upon us.